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BRC Interior Design

is starting an online E-internet based design service.

Step 1: You answer a simple questionnaire
Step 2: Send 3-5 photos of the area you want to decorate
Step 3: Choose your package & payment method

Measurements that would be needed :
General room square footage & wall measurements including window & door openings.

We will reply back within approx. 72 hrs. with answers to your decorating questions.

It's simple and inexpensive.

Such recommendations may be on:

Paint Color
Furniture Placement / Purchase
Window coverings
Room Accents

We may advise you to:

Change a light fixture
Install hardware
Move Furniture
Hang a window covering

Thanks to the internet decorating can be handled in much less time. There is no travel expense time required to get to your home. No appointments are needed. So I can serve more customers in a shorter amount of time. This saves you money.

The cost examples:
$25 Paint recommendation
$199 SimpleRoom make over

email: barb732@yahoo.com

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